Visual Dashboard

Data Insight

Get insight into your ODS

Data -> Info-> Insight.

Now that the data is displayed visually, it is much easier to plan.

Students and Parents

You can now login into the dashboard and mobile app.


Districts spend money on 3rd party vendors to be able to access their own data. Now your data does not need to leave your system, via another party vendor; and you have full control over your own data.


Planning and Stats is crucial nowadays. The stats analyze and give insight for better decision making.

Student 360º View

Factors that influence the students are shown in a 360 view. For a more detailed insight, click on each of the items.

Actual screenshot on right.


Get Started now



See what is happening in your district and how issues get resolved.


This is linked to the school health check.

Database ODS Health Check

One click to analyze your ODS for any possible inconsistencies. This also shows the issues as minor or mayor.


Track the Assignment and get Stats about progress. Parents can also see the assignment data.


Easy login and accessibility. This gives staff and teachers all the info they need, in a quick & easy visual display.

School Info

SIS view of the ODS database including Bell Schedules and possible conflicts.